On this episode Amy fills us in with details about her trip to San Diego Comic-Con 2018.  We also discuss the return of The Clone Wars animated series as well as the new Star Wars toys revealed from Hasbro. 

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On this episode we discuss the upcoming San Diego Comic-Con Star Wars exclusives from Hasbro, as well as continue our ongoing look back at Kenner's oringinal line of Star Wars figures.  This time we talk about the figures that debuted on the 77 cardback.

SPOILER WARNING!  This episode contains many spoilers for Solo: A Star Wars Story.

On this episode the guys talk about Solo: A Star Wars Story.  They review both the toys from Hasbro as well as the movie itself.

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Join in for a discussion about Kenner's vintage Star Wars: Return of the Jedi vehicles and playsets from 1983. Guests inlude Jerry from Star Wars Action News and Amy from  Star Wars Collecting Cosmos.

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Another show that fell through the cracks. This epsisode was originally recorded on September 4th 2017.  The guys talk about their Force Friday experiences and review The Last Jedi toys released by Hasbro on September 1st, 2017.

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In this episode the guys continue their discussion about Kenner Return of the Jedi figures from 1983.  We also formally welcome Matt Fox from This Week In Star Wars podcast as a full time co-host.

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The guys are joined by Matt Fox from This Week In Star Wars Podcast to discuss the new Star Wars toys revealed by Hasbro at the 2018 New York Toy Fair. 

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Originaly recorded on February 12, 2017, this "lost episode" features the guys chatting with special guest Chris Moorehead about upcoming Hasbro products, a stolen Rocket Fett, The Last Jedi title, Celebration Orlando, and the 20th anniversary of the Special Editions.  All this and more.

In this episode of Star Wars Collecting Cosmos, Amy, Marjorie, and Ryan are joined by Jim Gibbons as they discuss Star Wars Kitchen items

On this episode, Ryan talks about what Black Series 6" figures have not been made by Hasbro with Matt Fox from This Week in Star Wars.

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